Precision Parts and Tooling is proud to offer quality products from the following top manufacturers.

  • Bilz USA

    CNC Tool Holder

    & Gauging Products

  • Acme Ind.

    Drill Bushings

  • American Carbide Tool

    Carbide Brazed On Toolbits, Diamond, & CBN Inserts

  • Accurate Diamond Tool

    Diamond & CBN Products

  • Air Turbine

    Air Powered Hand Grinders

  • Albrecht


  • Allied Machine

    Spade Drills & Holders

  • Alvord Polk Tool

    HSS Reamers and Counterbores

  • Amplex

    Diamond & CBN Products

  • Arc Abrasives

    Belts, Sheets, Rolls, Pads

  • Award Cutter

    Tapered Endmills

  • Balzers Tool Coatings

    Industrial Coatings For Tool Life Improvement & Efficiency

  • Besly

    Taps, Dies, Drills

  • Big Kaiser

    Precision Modular Tooling System

  • Briney Tool Holding

    Toolholders & Tappers

  • Brown & Sharpe

    Precision Tools For Industry

  • Burr King

    Grinding Fixtures, Supplies

  • C.H. Hanson Co

    Stamps, Stencils & Markers

  • Cardinal EG Saw

    HSS Milling & Slitting Saws

  • Chrislynn Co.

    Rethreading Inserts

  • Cogsdill Ent.

    Deburring Tools

  • Command Tooling

    CNC Toolholders, Tappers, Collet Chucks & Boring Tools

  • Dake Corp.

    Saws, Coldsaws & Arbor Presses

  • Dapra

    Indexable Ball Nose Mills, Backdraft Mills, Milling Cutters, Boring Tools & Servo Tables

  • Dillon Mfg

    Replacement Chuck Jaws

  • Dorian

    Indexable Tools & Holders

  • Duramill

    Carbide End Mills

  • Dyer Gage Co.

    Precision Gaging Tools

  • Eight Tool America ETA

    To tighten a screw on a machine, smartphone or robot, you need Eight Tool.

  • Eklind Tool Co.

    Ball & Flat Hex Keys & Drivers

  • Elliott

    Roller Burnishers

  • Emuge

    Taps, Endmills Carbide & HSS High Performance Tooling

  • ETP

    Hydro-grip tool holders



  • Fette (LMT)

    Indexable Facemills, Helical Mills, Ball Nose Mills, Chamf. Mills

  • Flexovit Abrasive

    Cut-Off Wheels

  • Fullerton Tool Co.

    Carbide Drills, Endmills, Reamers, Burs, Countersinks & Saws

  • Gay-Lee Co.

    Carbide Slitting Saws

  • Global CNC

    Toolholder Bushings

  • Gorilla Mill

    Carbide End Mills

  • Goliath Threading Tools

    British & Standard Thread Taps & Dies

  • Guhring Inc.

    HSS & Carbide Taps, Drills, Mills, Reamers, Standard & Metric (Speciality In Deep Hole Drilling)

  • Haimer USA LLC

    Cuting Tools, Presetters, Tool Holders

  • Hannibal

    Carbide Tipped Tooling

  • Hanson Co (Acme Abrasive)

    Small Diameter Cut-Off Wheels

  • Hanson Whitney

    Taps & Dies

  • Hayden Twist Drill

    Small Diameter And Extra Length Drills

  • H B Rouse & Co.

    Indexable Facemills, Boring Bars, Counterbores

  • Hermes Abrasives Co.

    Belts, Sheets, Rolls, Discs

  • Huron Machine Products

    Replacement Chuck Jaws & Chucks

  • Imco Carbide

    Carbide End Mills, Drills, Burs & Reamers

  • Internal Tool

    Small Diameter Cutting Tool “Specials” To Print

  • Iscar Metals Inc.

    Indexable Facemills, Helical Mills, Drills, Ballmills, Parting & Cut-Off Tools, Boring Bars, Carbide Turning Inserts & Toolholders

  • Jergens

    Fixture Components, Bushings, Clamps

  • Kalamazoo

    Indexers, Sanders & Misc Equipment

  • Kaiser-Thin Bit

    Grooving & Trepan Tools

  • Kasco

    Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels, Discs, Flapwheels

  • Keo Cutter

    HSS Combined Drill/Countersink, Spot Drill, Countersink

  • Knight Carbide

    Special Carbide Inserts

  • Kyocera Ceratip

    Carbide, Cermet & Ceramic Inserts, Indexable Facemills, Helical Mills, Chamfering Mils & Boring Bars

  • Lenox

    Blades, Hacksaw Blades, Holesaws and Lubricants

  • Lexington Cutter

    Carbide Tipped Drills, Mills & Reamers

  • Lista

    Cabinets for Manual & Electronic Tool Storage & Dispensing

  • Lockwood Products

    Lockline Coolant Hose & Attachments

  • Lumco Mfg

    Indexable Ballmills, Indexable. Milling Cutters to Print

  • Lyon Metal Products

    Storage Cabinets & Shelving

  • MA Ford

    Carbide Mills, Drills, Burs, Reamers & Countersink

  • Melin Tool Corp

    Cobalt Mills, Specialty Carbide Mills

  • Merit Abrasive

    Flapwheels, Discs, Sheets, Rolls

  • Michigan Drill

    HSS Drills, Reamers, Taps, Dies

  • Millstar

    High Performance Carbide Indexable & Round Tools

  • Mitutoyo

    Precision Instruments

  • Modern Abrasive

    Mounted Points, Finishing Stones

  • Monster Carbide

    Burs, Mills And Drills

  • Morse Cutting Tools

    HSS Mills, Taps, Dies Drills

  • Nachi America

    Production Taps And Drills

  • Niagara Cutting Tools

    HSS Mills, Division of Seco Tools

  • Norton

    Full Line Abrasives Company, Sandpaper to Grinding Wheels

  • North American Tool

    Special Size Taps And Dies


    Taps, Drills & Endmills, HSS & Carbide

  • Parlec

    Toolholders & Presetters

  • Pferd,

    A Powerhorse of Abrasives, Brushed & More

  • Precision Components

    Milling Holders

  • Precision Threading Corp/Cheboygan Tap

    Threading Tools

  • Promax

    High Performance Solid Carbide Mills

  • Quality Chaser

    Diehead Chasers

  • Radiac Abrasive

    Wheels & Segments

  • Regal Cutting Tools

    HSS Taps, Dies, Mills, Reamers Standard & Special, Gaging

  • Rego-Fix

    Collet Holders, Balancing Machines, Presetters & Powergrip Systems

  • Retention Knob Supply

    Retention Knobs

  • Riten

    Lathe Centers

  • Royal Products

    Lathe Centers, Deburring Tools, Chip Vac

  • Schunk

    Highly technical clamping and gripping systems

  • Seco

    Milling & Turning Indexable & Solid Carbide Tooling, Holders

  • Severance Tool Co.

    HSS & Carbide Chamfering Tools, Burs, ID & OD Deburring Mills

  • SGS Tool Co.

    Carbide Mills, Burs, Drills

  • Shaviv

    Deburring Tools

  • SPI

    Precision Machinist Tools

  • Standard Abrasives

    Buffing Wheels, Flap Wheels Sheets, Combi Wheels

  • Starrett

    Precision Tools, Measuring Specialities – Tapes, Rules

  • Superion

    Special Carbide Round Tools

  • Suburban

    Indexers Misc. Equip.

  • Superior Abrasives

    Belts, Cartridge Rolls, Sheets

  • Tapmatic

    Tapping Heads & Holders

  • Techniks

    Collets and Specialty Workholding

  • Tool Flow

    Toolholders & Bars

  • Trent Mfg

    Wire Wheels, Brooms, Chip Brushes

  • Trinco Mfg

    Sandblasting Units, Sandblasting Sand, Blast Beads, Trin Mix, Guns, Nozzles

  • Ultra Dex

    Boring Specialties

  • Valeport, UK

    PPT is the only US Distributor for Valeport Chevrons, Templates & Spare Parts as well as the Wire Locking Hole Drill Jig.

  • V R Wesson

    Carbide, Ceramic, CBN, Pcd Inserts, Indexable Milling Cutters, Top Notch Style Inserts

  • Vega


  • Vermont Gage

    Pins, Cylindrical Plugs, Go/No-Go Thread Plugs, Ring Gages

  • Warren Abrasive

    Small Diameter Wheels, Mounted Points & Stones

  • Widell Ind.

    HSS Taps & Dies (Specializing In Large Diameters)

  • Wiha

    Precision Screwdrivers, Torx Bits

  • Williams Snap-On Tool

    General Shop And Hand Tools

  • Wright Tool

    Full Line of Hand Tools

  • YG1

    Round Cutting Tools, HSS and Carbide